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Coding interview set 9

  Let's begin with set 9, 18) Write a logic that takes input as  EC:B0:8T:E4 and response should be "0C:B0:80:04". Wrong solution is already provided find the issue in that? let mac = 'EC:B0:8T:E4' const mapper = {     E: 0,     T: 0 } Wrong solution: var decoded = "" ; for ( let item of mac){ decoded = decoded + mapper[item] != undefined ? mapper[item] : item; } console.log(decoded); The issue with this solution: + vs. ?: In JavaScript, the + operator has higher precedence than the ?: operator. This means that concatenation will take place before the condition in a ternary is evaluated. This can lead to some strange results.  Note: operator associativity and precedence can change between languages. For example, in JavaScript the ?: operator is right-associative but it's left-associative in PHP. These same comparisons will produce different results between these languages. One of the correct solutions with () as it has higher precedence : va