Deploy static angular website project on AWS S3 bucket latest.


In this article we will see how to deploy local angular project on S3 bucket.


1)Amazon web service account. You can get free tier account from amazon.

2)Build angular project and you have ready dist folder after build. 

Command : ng build –prod


After prerequisites are done you need to follow this steps,

1)Create an S3 bucket with public access.

2)After creating S3 bucket you need to upload files present inside dist folder of your angular project.

In objects tab in S3 bucket there is upload option where you can add files.

After adding files there will be option at bottom Predefined ACLs . Please grant public read access permission and then click on upload button at bottom.

3)Inside Properties tab at bottom you will see Static Web Hosting header. Inside that please check enable static website and at index document and error document please add value index.html. As your angular project after build in dist folder will have this file. 


Click on save changes button and you can see the  bucket website endpoint. That will be your url where you can see your angular project running . 

I hope you find this article interesting.


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