JavaScript: Basket.js

This article is about one of the common concern for web development
i.e loading time and how it affects on website performance when you need
to load several libraries to your website especially with low internet speed.

So basket.js is one of the solutions for it.
It is a small JavaScript library which loads external JavaScript libraries and also
caches them in local storage, so that on the next page request the external JavaScript does
not have to be requested over the network again, but can simply be loaded from the local storage.
You can also set an expiry time for the cached item.

Let's give a try:

<script src=""></script>
basket.require({ url:'',expire: 2 });
<h2>Hello, Please check network tab first and then local storage.</h2>

So in this example, we have firstly loaded the basket.js and then using basket.require()
we have loaded countable.js which will be cached in localstorage, that you can check in the application tab of developer console of chrome.
So from the next time, it will fetch countable.js library from localstorage instead over a network.
As we have also set expire time i.e 2 hours.
It will catch only till 2 hours, if the expire parameter is not given then by default it is 5000 hours.
There is a lot to explore about this library like passing multiple scripts, methods like  basket.get(), basket.clear(), and basket.remove().

For more details please check this official documentation.
CDN link:

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Written By:
Saurabh Joshi


    Unfortunately it has 33 issues and is not updated for 5 years, and has 7 weekly downloads.

  2. But still good for wordpress websites.


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