BrainPickings: Maria Popova

BrainPickings: Maria Popova

This article will link those, who love to read about arts, science, and biography to the perfect place. is just the right thing.Well, brainpicking is a famous blog by Maria Popova.
Maria Popova is best known for her insightful and eclectic writing.
She writes about whatever she reads in her blog. She started her journey on October 23, 2006, like a weekly email to his seven friends, which eventually brought her online and now it is included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive.

She is also the author of a very long, very yellow book titled Figuring. She says it is the distillation of her lifetime’s reading on science, the arts, and biography. 
Well, this was a very short introduction to her. I would insist you too read her blog and get yourself enlighten.  

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saurabh Joshi


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