4 Things you can do in lockdown for Self Growth.

There are like many things that you can do in lock down  but if you don't know from where to start  than this article might help you with some direction. I have specifically mentioned some apps on android that might help you with these things.

1)Listening Audio Books: Reading a book on phone  might be stressful or like you may not have books available at your place.So instead you can listen to many books with different languages on Story Tell android app .You can download it on playstore. It also have 14 days free subscription presently. Start with some best seller books like Subtle art of not giving a fuck, How to Influence people and many more regional books which will help you to grow.

2)Learn Musical Instruments: You can start learning different musical instruments on android apps which are way too good .One such app is Walkband .Its free and available on play store.You can easily start playing piano with this app and also you can get piano notes for many songs on youtube. Just search for song with virtual piano word and you will get many youtube videos.

3)Start A Blog: You can start your own blog for free on blogger.com. Android  app of the same is available on playstore. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can start with this. You can start with travel blog, food blog, news blog, any technical  blogs or even an image gallery or something like that.

4)Learn Online: They are many online sites for learning. One such website is Udemy.Com. There are lots of low cost effective technical and non technical courses on udemy . You will also like this website khanacademy.org. Here there are different courses available at free of cost(Economics ,Physics,Maths ,Computers and Programming ). Just give a visit to this site for more information.If you want to increase your knowledge or want to start from basic about investments ,equity then there is free android app available on playstore(Zerodha Varsity,Stock market education for all). It will help you to understand share market from basic.

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Saurabh Joshi


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