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  You make also like this CSS interview question set 1. Let's begin with set 2, 5)What is the difference between opacity 0 vs display none vs visibility hidden? Property           | occupies space | consumes clicks | +--------------------+----------------+-----------------+ | opacity: 0         |        yes      |        yes       | +--------------------+----------------+-----------------+ | visibility: hidden |        yes       |        no        | +--------------------+----------------+-----------------+ | display: none      |        no       |        no        | When we say it consumes click, that means it also consumes other pointer-events like onmousedown,onmousemove, etc. In essence "visibility: hidden" behaves like a combination of "opacity: 0" and "pointer-events: none". 6)CSS 3 new features? CSS3 allows developers to style HTML elements easier.  They are less dependent on image files  and can complete CSS styling with fewer lines of code. CSS3

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