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Namaste Javascript Study Notes -1

Hello, These are the study notes of the famous javascript course Namaste Javascript . I was creating this for my personal study but later thought that it might also help others. If you are confused or not getting any point do watch the course. 1)Javascript execution context. Execution context is created when we run any js program. This execution context is called a global execution context and is pushed inside a stack name execution stack. It has 2 phases, 1)Memory phase: Where memory is allocated to variables and functions. Undefined is allocated to variables and function is stored as it is with its code. 2)Code Phase: Here values are assigned to a variable and if any function calls then again a separate execution context is created for that function which again has 2 phases memory and code. and it goes on the same for any function call invocation. So whenever an execution context is created it is pushed inside an execution stack. For the first time, a global execution context is cr

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